Welcome to Redtower Research

Redtower Research is the research division of Redtower Asset Management.

Redtower's strategic research is used in RAM's investment decisions, and we provide access to this to our institutional investors and research partners.

Redtower provides timely and accurate technical/quantitative analysis and macro fundamental research for FX, equity index, sector, stock and commodity markets through our daily and weekly research reports. Our research is used by banks, hedge funds, traditional fund managers and brokers to support their investment and trading decisions. Redtower believes that our motto of 'Think fundamental, trade technical' is a structured approach to the investment process, and our reports provide vital information to our clients in order for them to accomplish this.

There are various ways for professional investors to access our research and we have commission sharing agreements with some leading banks and brokers, please contact us if you need further information.







Head Office: Portland House, 16th Floor, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5RS. Redtower Asset Management is registered in Scotland, Registered Office: Crystal Valley, Fettercairn, Kincardineshire, Scotland AB30 1DU. Registered number is SC325065.  VAT no.751688011  Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FSA), no. 473656